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DIY: Window Film

We have a door that leads outside from out kitchen. Here’s a glimpse before my little project:

It wasn’t the worst thing in the world because it looks onto the side of our neighbor’s house, which has no windows. There isn’t a lot of foot traffic around that side of our house, and even if someone came up and looked in they would just be seeing bit of our kitchen (like the oh-so-exciting side of our refrigerator). Regardless, we knew that we had to do something so we wouldn’t feel so exposed when walking around in the evenings. 

I didn’t love the thought of blinds (too dusty) or curtains (too country kitchen) for this door. Enter this rice paper privacy film (I got ours at Home Depot):

I watched a couple of YouTube videos on how to apply the stuff and it wasn’t too difficult. The finished product:

We still have light and a modern vibe without feeling like we’re on display.

Yay for DIY!

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